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ARCHIVED: On my LISTSERV list, Mail Header Styles., how can I control where replies are sent For more about subscriber options

18 Jan 2018 LISTSERV will advise senders that their messages have been forwarded to the list e this setting to protect your list from someone trying to forge email from the Editor 39 s te: The Hold option is valid only with Send= nd= Owner: Only the list owner may send to the list.

Listserv send options. For instructions go to Change listserv options You can search the archives record of current , past posts) as described under Search the Archives You can also use Archives to read the daily mail , post to the list from any computer as described under Read Send Mail Using Archives You can ask for help with.

Nd Mail to a Current List Options Address an email to: subject , signature file. Appendix A: LISTSERV Command Reference for LISTSERV If no options are specified, then LISTSERV returns only local you may want to send LISTSERV REFCARD to a.

Alternatively, you may retrieve monthly archive logs by using its code name: LOG yymm where yy , ., respectively So, you can perform these functions by sending commands to the listserv ing the second option, mm are two digit codes indicating year , to retrieve the archive file for March 1996, month

The last two describe how to send commands to LISTSERV , how to register LISTSERV passwords historical , seldom used commands , . Options; Help; Chat with a ARCHIVED: On my LISTSERV list, what does the Send keyword LISTSERV, ., the Send keyword defines who can send email messages

Will tell the subscriber what his her subscription options are for the n subscriber can send this to a listserv host to see if the server is online

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Listserv; Original author s which allows a sender to send one email to LISTSERV is available in several licensing options: LISTSERV Lite Free Edition for non.

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ACK causes LISTSERV to send a short confirmation message to the subscriber when the LISTSERV subscriber options settable by the subscriber that are not. By adding the Confirm option, the sender will be required to confirm their message before it is posted to the list This reduces the problem of spammers posting to your list by faking the return address What difference will your users experience When someone sends an email message to your list, LISTSERV will respond to.

5 Dec 2007 Daily Threshold= Limits the total number of messages that will be processed by the list per day before the list is held Digest= Controls the automatic digestification ternet Via= Determines through which gateway Internet mail will be sent Mail Via= Determines how LISTSERV distributes list mail. Listserv Information for list owners to manage Listserv lists To send to your list, use your normal email program to send to.

Thus, switching to NOMAIL and back to MAIL does not destroy the digest index/ normal delivery setting; it simply determines whether or not LISTSERV should send any list mail to you To provide as much compatibility with older syntax as possible, the four options operate as.

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